Were you there?

WHO-bilation was a Sensation!

A celebration so special we called it a WHO-bilation! Because of WHO was there to make it so special!
Twenty five girls and their Leaders converged on Camp Tamarack in Grande Prairie to enjoy a weekend of imagination and CGIT and Explorer fun. We enjoyed some great food, we played Gladiator Ball, we even solved a mystery or two… or did we actually solve them? Hmmm.
There were certainly no shortage of suspicious characters joining in the fun Saturday night. Each participant was assigned a Dr Suess character in advance of arrival and there were some great costumes and certainly some wonderful character acting!
The Lorax Environmental Symposium was a superb mixture of learning and fun. The girls and leaders each participated in discussion and exploration of the theme and as always the depth of understanding and reflection was uplifting.
There were games and crafts and all escaped the Locked Room by using their cunning problem solving and teamwork.
Such a wonderful group of impressive young women sharing chores (skippers), meals, laughter and entertainment.
I would also like to mention what an honour it was to spend time with the Leaders who devote their time and energy all year to bring these girls together to learn and grow “in wisdom and in strength”.
Thanks for the memories Grande Prairie!group photoIMG_8789IMG_8788IMG_8763IMG_8762IMG_8761IMG_8760IMG_8759IMG_8718IMG_8698IMG_8693IMG_8687IMG_8683IMG_8679IMG_8677





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