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As noted, the song search is currently on-going and if you can find music to these songs, please contact Diane.


Click each link to view the lyrics to these songs in Adobe PDF format.


 Amen, Praise The Lord

 Baby Shark

 Bamboo Bungalow


 Boonga Boonga


 Cette Est La Soir

 Chicken Song

 Does He Ever Laugh

 Great Big Beautiful Day

 Hip Hip Hurray!

 Holy Father

 I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

 I Was Born To Be Me

 If You Want To

 Johnny Verbec


 Little Man

 Live In Me

 Love Grows Under

 River Nile

 Stand-up and Shout It

 Thou Wilt Keep Him





As CGIT groups prepare to celebrate Easter in their groups and at church, the following resources may help you with your plans for this season.  A good place to start may be the Easter Exam below.


Go to your resources and find what you have on Easter;  your Bible is a good place to start.  Bible Story Books are also good.  The Greatest Story Ever Told or The Passion Of Christ might be used.  You can use just the part that tells the Easter Story.  Have the girls read or watch whatever resource you choose and try to answer the questions on the exam (link below).  Then read or show it again and help the girls find the answers to the questions.



Easter Exam

Easter Fun (Adobe PDF Document)

Celebrating Passover (Adobe PDF Document)

Lenten Observances (Adobe PDF Document)





“The Quilt of Life”

Author:  Mary Tatem

Publisher:  Barbour Books, 2000

ISBN:  1-57748-737-0

Cost:  $24.99


Life is a patchwork of separate experiences that come together into a unified whole - much like a handmade quilt.  Author Mary Tatem takes that theme and weaves it into one hundred devotionals, offering insight into peaceful, successful, and godly living.  God is shown as the Designer of our days, the One who quilts the fabric of our existence.  Besides the encouraging devotional material, The Quilt of Life includes a bonus feature: practical tips for the quilter.



“There is Nothing Wrong With You For Teens”

Author:  Cheri Huber

Publisher:  Keep It Simple Books, 2001

ISBN:  0-9636255-9-4

Cost:  $16.95


There Is Nothing Wrong With You For Teens is a self-help book specifically written for teens.  This book demonstrates to teens how we all are the product of our social conditioning – we are own worst critics.  Readers are shown how to move past the self-hate we have been socialized with, to regard ourselves, and to embrace their real, “authentic” selves.  They are encouraged to treat themselves with the compassion and acceptance they extend to their best friends.  It includes effective tools and techniques for being good to and supportive of oneself, as well as for ending self-hating communication with parents and others in one’s life.



“Gathered Around “

Author:  Kim KcKellar

Publisher:  United Church Publishing House

Cost:  $14.95


This is a good resource for outdoor ministry like camping.


“God for Beginners”

Author:  Ralph Milton

Cost:  $12.95


A good bible study reference for your girls.



“A New Day, Peacemaking Stories and Activities”

Author:  Carol Poque with illustrations by Danka Gocova

Publisher:  United Church Publishing House

ISBN:  1-55134-139-5

Cost:  $14.95


"It’s the children who provide a refuge for peace." This message is carried throughout the witty, delightful stories that make up this refreshing book. The combined strength of Carolyn Pogue's peacemaking tales and Danka Gocova’s vivid illustrations will remind both children and adults of the timeless lessons of classical fairy tales. This book delivers a fresh, interesting and practical approach for leaders who are teaching children about their role in making our world a more peaceful place.



“Making Worship Real, A Resource for Youth and Their Leaders”

Author:  Aimee Wallis Buchanan, Bill Buchanan, and Jodi B. Martin

Publisher:  Geneva Press

ISBN:  0-66450-168-0

Cost:  Contact dealer for more information.


            Many youth attend church regularly without fully understanding what worship is and why it is the central action of our faith. In Making Worship Real, Aimee and Bill Buchanan, along with Jodi Martin provide effective new ways for pastors, Christian educators, youth leaders, and youth themselves to help young people learn about the various elements of worship. This accessible book explains the significance of each part of worship and includes activities that have been designed to help youth think creatively about worship. These engaging activities can be used to plan worship services for Sunday mornings, weekend retreats, youth Sundays, and nontraditional worship times. Most importantly, this book is that rare resource that will help youth and their leaders understand why worship is relevant while helping youth lead and participate in worship using their own authentic voice.



These and other books are available from,


Revelation Book Room

#144, 42 – 106 Street

Edmonton, AB, T6J 6L7




United Church Resource Distribution

2 – 25 Connell Court

Toronto, ON, M8Z 1E8




 Audio Visual


Videos from AVEL

To check out resources available from AVEL contact them directly or browse the on-line catalog at, www.mneo.united-church.com 

170 St. Mary’s Road

Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2H 1H9





Three New Music Resources


1.                  Let Me Be Open – Words by Sheelah MeGill, Music by Ron Klusmeir – Written for the United Church Women’s Conference at Kananaskis, Alberta.  Address:  Musiklus – Box 678, Parksville, BCE-mail: staff@musiklus.com,


2.                  Steps To Tomorrow – Written by Valerie Jenner AND Brenda Stouffer CGIT and Explorer leaders in Grande Prairie – available from the Alberta CGIT Association, Address:  Percy Page Building, 11759 Groat Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 3K6, E-Mail:  cgit@telus.net


3.                  Steps To Tomorrow – Written by Linnea Good for the National CGIT Camp, 2005, also available from the Alberta CGIT Association, see address above.


The last two resources were written for the 90th Anniversary of the Canadian Girls in Training.




Yankee Doodle Grace

(Song along with the music to "Yankee Doodle Went to Town")

We thank You, Lord, for daily bread

For rain and sunny weather

We thank you, Lord, for this our food

And that we are together.

Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord

Thank You, our Provider

Thank You, Lord, for this food

And that we are together.



Zip a Dee Do Dah GRACE

Not a grace, but definitely a fun table song to be sung while waiting for everyone to arrive for a meal.

Zip a dee do dah, zip a dee ay

We are grateful for Your blessings today.

We’ve plenty to eat, to drink and to share

We sit at Your table, with friends everywhere!



I’m a...

(Song along with the music to "If You’re Happy and You Know It")

I’m a knife, fork, spoon, spatula (cha, cha, cha)

I’m a knife, fork, spoon, spatula (cha, cha, cha)

I’m a knife, fork, spoon

I’m a knife, fork, spoon

I’m a knife, fork, spoon, spatula (cha, cha, cha)




Knife - clap your hands together straight over head

Fork - hold arms apart like fork prongs

Spoon - make a circle over head

Spatula - bend hands in to form a more squared off ‘flipper’ Cha, cha, cha - make anything up or do your own thing



Find Someone Who (Adobe PDF Document)

My Purpose (Adobe PDF Document)

The CGIT Round (Adobe PDF Document)

The CGIT Hymn (Adobe PDF Document)



United Nations International Day of Peace

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The following information was downloaded from www.janegoodall.org/peace-day and included in the September 2006 Middy Media.  A few ideas and guides were included to help groups plan their own Peace Day.  You can go to the website for more information, projects, video clips, resources and even a press release you can use to advertise your own event.

Granted this year's Peace Day is over, you can still plan peace initiatives at any time of the year.


History of Peace Doves and Day of Peace

The United Nations International Day of Peace ( www.internationaldayofpeace.org) began in 1981 and by the early 2000's Dr Jane had added the Giant Peace Dove Campaign to inspire Roots & Shorts groups worldwide to participate.  Now Roots & Shoots celebrates its own Day of Peace on the last Saturday of each September in support of the United Nations International Day of Peace.


About the Roots & Shoots Program

Roots & Shoots is the Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) worldwide environmental and humanitarian education program, supporting youth of all ages in projects that benefit people, animals and the environment.  Students analyse problems in their communities and then take action to address those problems.  Projects range from beach clean-ups to international campaigns on behalf of endangered species. Visit www.rootsandshoots.org for more information.


What are Peace Initiatives?

In 2002, United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, appointed Dr. Jane Goodall a United Nations Messenger of Peace.  As a Messenger of Peace, Dr. Goodall encourages Roots & Shoots groups to act as peace messengers by promoting peace in their own communities.

According to the Roots & shoots definition of peace, any group project that encourages better relationships between individuals, a great understanding of different cultures and a more balanced coexistence among people, animals, and the environment, qualifies as a Peace Initiative.

Roots & Shoots believes that peace means caring for people, animals and the environment and realizing that your actions have effects on all living things.  An easy way to remember the definition of peace is by using the acronym:  PEACE - People, Environment, Animals, Care, and Effect.


Some Peace Project Ideas

Here are a few peace project ideas.  Keep in mind that your group can promote peace all year long, not only on Peace Day.  Modify these to fit your group.


Have students collect pennies from neighbors, church and family members.  Afterwards your girls can vote on their charity of choice to receive the funds.

Have your girls in invent a story in pictures based on one or several of the following themes:  respect for life, non-violence, sharing, listening and understanding preservation of the world, tolerance and solidarity.  Use drawings, paintings or collages to illustrate the story.

Have each child design a ‘quilt square’ to express their feelings and ideas about peace.  After collecting all the squares, glue them onto a large piece of butcher and place the quilt in a prominent place in your church.

Encourage your girls to become Peace Educators for their church or community by giving them tasks or creating skits about peace and non-violent strategies for relationship building and making presentations to your church school.

Create educational tools such as a video, one-act play, art show, or a musical concert to convey their stories, struggles and accomplishments in the areas of peace and reconciliation.  Share these with your church.

Partnerships in Understanding is a correspondence program that pairs Roots & Shoots groups from around the world.  Partner groups exchange letters, e-mails, photos, project ideas and much, much more.

The website www.janegoodall.org/peace-day also has instructions on how to build a six-foot Peace Dove, as well as small peace doves.  Use this website to let others know about your projects.  Show the world what you can do!



Program Planning

Here are some ideas to help you plan your year and your week-to-week programs.

What interests you?  What would you like to learn about?  This is a list of some program ideas that we might use this year.  Check off the ideas that interest you or you are curious about....

Peer Pressure

Family Relationships




Hair Care and Makeup

Fitness and Nutrition

Babysitting Tips and Hints

Racial or Sexual Discrimination

What do I think about God?

Progressive Dinner


Friday Fun Night


"Room with a View"

Soup Kitchen


World Issues

Cooking and Baking Night

Skating and Tobogganing





What does the Bible say to me?

Music and Singing

Alcohol and Drugs







Death and Dying



Did we miss anything?

With regards to weekly planning, consider the following items to create a framework for your plans:  date of meeting, announcements, meeting theme, items to be discussed and completed during the meeting (this is referred to as the "program" for the meeting), items to include for worship, items to include for wrapping up the meeting.