1918- First CGIT camp, Lumsden, Saskatchewan. Camping was, from the very beginning of CGIT, an integral part of the program. In fact, many of the women who were girls during these years admit that camp was the highlight of the CGIT year!

1919 - CGIT got its first uniform and pin. This was really an adaptation of the clothes the girls wore to school, and, therefore, was readily obtainable. Brightly coloured middies, and vivid ties were fashionable at the time; but CGIT chose the white middy, worn with a dark skirt. A blue tie was suggested and the maple leaves were to be worn, preferably on the cuff.

1921 - The CGIT hymn, Now We Unite, was written by Mary Edger.The first National Camp Conference for leasers was held in Geneva Park, Lake Couchiching, Ontario. The four-fold purpose, cherish health, seek truth, know God, and serve others, which is based on Luke 2:52, was adopted as the foundation for the CGIT program.

1922 - The first leaders manual was available for CGIT leaders, replacing the booklets. The first camping booklet, initiations, treasure hunts, and ceremonies for CGIT camps. The first Camp Councel in Ontario, 60 attended to discuss vital issues of CGIT; emphasis on relationships. First CGIT song book.

1924 - First issue of The Torch

1928 - First Camp Council in Alberta and girls own paper, The Gleam.

1930 - The Four-Square Knot group in Empress, Alberta, developed the four-square friendship knot for our tie. If you've ever tried to tie this knot or teach a group of 12 year olds to tie, you'll know why many girls won't allow their mothers to untie it, even for laundering.

1935 - 20 year Anniversary: the theme: 20 Years-a-growing

1936 - CGIT materials used in groups in Japan, Africa, Bermuda, China, Trinidad, and Labrador.

1937 - First National CGIT week observed in Canada.

1940 - 25 year anniversary: we celebrated by wearing tiny silver bells attached to a badge worn on our uniform. The bells really rang! Tradition begins - our first National Christmas Vesper Service. Offerings collected each year made possible the work of the National Girls' Work Secretary.

1945 - 30 year anniversary.

1950 - 35 year anniversary.

1952 - First National Girl's Camp, Kwasind, Ontario.

1955 - 40 year anniversary.

1956 - Second National Girl's Camp, Kwasind, Ontario. 68 girls, ages 16 to 18 attended.

1960 - 45 year anniversary.

1961 - First National Leaders Conference, Lennoxville, Quebec. 262 delegates from across Canada.

1964 - Revised standards for Chevrons. Chevrons are the "V" crest on the left sleeve of the uniform. One was earned each year of CGIT, up to six, for completion of the years' work.

1965 - 50 Golden years - CGIT girls and leaders across Canada raised $50,000 for a Christian Education Conference and Camping centre near Djakarta, Indonesia.

1966 - Centennial Camp Council pilot exchange between the Maritimes and Saskatchewan.

1967 - "Triple "C" Centennial Camp Council" Celebrates Canada's Centennial, 500 girls and leaders participate at eight camp sites across Canada with an exchange of four girls and two leaders from each of two provinces, Alberta hosted B.C. and Ontario.

1968 - Completion of National CGIT Resource Project; 38,000 girls and 4000 leaders. The project stressed improved relationships and communication.

1969 - Value of Chevron questioned and put on hold for three years.

1970 - 55 year anniversary. "The Torch" becomes a magazine for CGIT gruops, for both leaders and girls.

1972 - Leadership '72 - equal number of girls and leaders attended training events at three centres in Canada: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Whitby, Ontario, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

1973 - Restructuring of the National CGIT Committee on a trial basis to emphasize cooperative and regional approaches to CGIT projects and programming.

1975 - 60 annivesary

1976 - Olive Zeigler Fund begins honoring the last living founder of CGIT. MELD 1 (Multiplier Effect in Leadership Development), part1, a National Workshop for leaders held at Aurora, Ontario, for one week. Four delegates from each province or region, 32 delegates.

1977 - MELD 11 - part 11 - 5 Oaks, Paris, Ontario. Same groups as MELD 1

1979 - MELD 11- Calgary, Alberta, to focus on leadership in camping.

1980 - 65 year anniversary. Money raised in Alberta for a portable suction machine for the operating room at Amp Pipal Village Hospital, Nepal. Dr. Helen Houston, the missionary doctor, first learned of needs in Third World countries when she attended CGIT camp in Alberta and became a doctor. Ontario held a two day jamboree to celebrate 65 years. Other provinces held various celebrations.

1982 - Shoes: CGIT Exchange Program: a packet based on the theme "Help me not to judge my neighbour until I have walked a mile in her/his moccasins" available for groups planning an exchange with another group.

1985 - 70 year anniversary - theme "Young and Alive in '85." Special project to raise $50,000 for a medical van to be used in Vellore, India. Goal to be matched by CIDA. National Camp Council at Camp Brereton, Manitoba with girls from Nigeria, Trinidad, Bermuda attending. Commemorative Garden at Cullen Garden. Seven leadership events across Canada, senior resources "Our Purpose for the '80's."

1987 - Cheque presented to Vellore, India for Rural Community Health in the amount of $120,000 ($70,000 from CGIT and $50,000 from CIDA).

1988 - MELD IV, Aurora, Ontario, focus "The Waves of Change."

1990 - 75 year anniversary - "Let Loose the Flame." Provincial celebrations listed in The Torch, Spring 1990.

1992 - LDEP (Leadership Development Enhancement Program) fund established to encourage leadership and resource development.

1994 - First issue of Creating Great Ideas Together.  National CGIT Association exhibits at the Canadian Christian Festival in Hamilton, Ontario and the United Church General Council in Fergus, Ontario. Girl's newsletter established, "Creating Great Ideas Together." Written for the girls by the girls.

1995 - 80 year anniversary - "Soaring to New Heights." Special project to raise funds towards the building of a home for homeless teen girls in Christalins, Brazil. $31,675 raised and CIDA gave $38,000.

1999 - National CGIT Website published: www.cgit.ca

2000 - 85 year anniversary "Hands with a Purpose." First national online rally.