Easter Exam

How were the Disciples supposed to find the room they were to use for the Lenten Supper?

a.) Look in the yellow pages.

b.) Follow the man carrying a pitcher of water.

c.) Follow the donkey Jesus was riding.

d.) Go to Mary and Martha’s home. 

When Jesus celebrated the Last supper with his disciples, it was the celebration of what Jewish holiday? 

a.) Unleavened Bread

b.) Hanukkah

c.) Passover

d.) Both a and c.

e.) Both b and c. 

Jesus appeared before what Rulers the twenty-four hours before his death?

a.) Pilate

b.) Herod

c.) Caiaphas

d.) Both a and b.

e.) a, b, and c. 

Judas betrayed Jesus for what price?

a.) Free groceries.

b.) A million dollars.

c.) Thirty pieces of silver.

d.) Forty pieces of silver. 

When Judas returned the money, what did the Pharisees purchase with it?

a.) Enough wine for a good party.

b.) A burial place.

c.) A home for the potter’s widow.

d.) A new veil for the temple. 

In the garden, what sign did Judas use so the captors would know who was Jesus?

a.) Judas hugged him.

b.) Judas hit him on the head.

c.) Judas kissed him.

d.) Judas said, “There he is.  Get him!” 

One of the disciples drew a sword in the garden and cut off a slaves…

a.)   Ear

b.) Nose

c.) Head

d.) Arm 

Who carried Jesus’ cross?

a.) Simon of Cyrene

b.) Joseph of Arimathea

c.) Nicodemus

d.) Andrew 

On the cross, what did the charge written above Jesus’ head read?

a.) He was the Son of God.

b.) He was naughty.

c.) This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.

d.) Blasphemer 

What did Jesus drink while on the cross?

a.) Drugged water.

b.) Plain water.

c.) Sour wine.

d.) Nothing 

How did the soldiers quicken the death of the two criminals? 

a.) They didn’t do anything.

b.) They stuck them with a spear.

c.) They broke their legs.

d.) Both b and c. 

At the cross, which disciple did Jesus entrust his mother to? 

a.) Peter

b.) James

c.) John

d.) Andrew 

Jesus died near what city? 

a.) Bethlehem

b.) Nazareth

c.) Capernaum

d.) Jerusalem 

Who were the different women mentioned in the Gospels who went to the tomb?

a.) Mary Magdalen

b.) another Mary

c.) Salome

d.) Joanna

e.) a, b, and c

f. ) a, b, c and d 

After Jesus had risen, he went to the tomb.  Mary is there and mistakes him for… 

a.) A soldier.

b.) An angel.

c.) The gardener.

d.) The Bible doesn’t say. 

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